The English Department at Newcastle Bridges School aspires to create a stimulating learning environment for both its teachers and its learners.

As teachers, we strive to see ourselves as part of the learning community and therefore seek out opportunities to improve our practice and embrace opportunities to acquire new skills. We wish to cultivate in our learners a genuine passion and excitement about learning and to encourage our young people to have independent and enquiring minds. Finally, we work towards instilling in our learners a sense of the importance of engaging in continuous learning beyond the classroom and, indeed, beyond NBS.

Pupils’ achievement and progression are central to our vision. We wish to provide pupils with challenging but achievable targets, so that every pupil achieves their potential while, at the same time, providing pupils with the support and guidance so that they can flourish. We would like our learners to develop a critical appreciation of how language is used by writers and indeed wish our learners to use the written work powerfully and creatively. Furthermore, we wish to instil in our learners a love of literature.

The English Department aims to provide both its teachers and young learners with a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment. We celebrate the success of all our learners, within and outside the classroom, though praise and reward.