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KS4 Computing Aims:

  • To offer a bespoke curriculum
  • To offer courses that vary in length to suit admission dates
  • To offer accredited courses that aim to enhance post-16 options
  • To offer work and life ready courses with transferable skills
  • To prepare for adulthood

Courses currently offered include:

Key stage 4:

Creative iMedia

  • This qualification can either be at level 1 or level 2 and also equivalent to a full or half of a GCSE. This makes it a very flexible course
  • Students need to complete two mandatory units to complete for the half GCSE equivalent, with two optional units to take to the full qualification
  • The first unit is about what needs to happen before a digital graphic (eg poster, advert, website etc) is created. This unit is examined externally
  • In the second unit students plan and create a digital graphic. This project is marked internally and then verified externally. Students will be taught how to use Adobe Photoshop in order to be able to create their digital graphic
  • All of the optional units as internally assessed and cover such topics as digital photography; deigning a game concept; creating a multipage website. Find out more here.

BCS Computer and Online Basics

This is for those who arrive late in year 11 and haven’t got enough time to complete the first section of LIBF. The course runs through:

  • Key components of the computer
  • Key components of operating systems
  • Identify and use software.
  • Use an online ICT system
  • Use search engines
  • Use emails to communicate and exchange information