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Medical Pathway Service Curriculum

Key Stage 1-4

Curriculum Overview

For pupils who expect to return to their home schools, work is sourced from the home school to ensure continuity of learning. Maths and English is always prioritised and additional subjects are taught as appropriate. Close liaison between the home school and NBS ensures continuity of learning is maintained. 

For pupils who are working towards integration into the Kenton provision, the Medical Pathway team work closely with NBS subject co-ordinators to prepare students for transition into the appropriate class.  1-1 teaching sessions will then be moved from a community setting to a 1-1 school setting while pupils are slowly introduced to key staff and peers. Pupils will then be supported into class based learning and time in school will be increased as appropriate to their bespoke medical needs but the aspiration will always be to work towards full time educational offer.

Vocational Opportunities 

Key Stage 4 students accessing Medical Pathway education are offered work experience with a variety of training providers as appropriate.  Pupils have recently attended placements in nurseries, primary schools, care homes and NACRO but all training providers used by NBS are open to Medical Pathway pupils.

Curriculum Enrichment 

Enrichment is often used as part of the engagement process and activities can be tailored to the individual needs of the pupil to support the development of their social and emotional well-being.