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Ferndene Hospital Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

There are pupils at Ferndene who remain on roll of their home schools/colleges, therefore they will follow their usual curriculum pathway whilst being dual registered. Some young people have no educational provision outside of Ferndene, and therefore Newcastle Bridges School is their only education provision; their needs are assessed and an appropriate curriculum pathway is developed and followed until they are discharged. This may include Maths and English qualifications, if they have not already been achieved, along with careers information and guidance.

Ferndene delivers a broad and balanced curriculum tailored to individuals needs. Appropriate accreditations are offered in the form of A Levels, GCSEs, Entry Level awards, Functional Skills qualifications, or Unit Awards. Subjects offered include English, Maths, Science, Art, Design and Technology, Food Technology, and Music. AQA unit and Arts awards are also offered.

Vocational Opportunities

If pupils can access NHS Section 17 leave, then education staff work closely with the team around the child to facilitate educational leaves. Where appropriate, further in house support is provided with vocational and/or careers information and guidance.

Curriculum Enrichment

Curriculum enrichment is delivered in conjunction with health professionals and tailored to the needs of the young people. On occasion, external providers will deliver specific workshops.


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