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Information for Parents and Carers

As a parent/carer, you are one of the most influential people in your child’s life and in the best possible position to support your child as they consider their future, review their options and make choices. Research shows that children look to their parents first when they want career advice. Whilst some young people have a very clear idea of where they see their pathway leading them, others may take a while to decide – you can help by:

  • Starting the conversation
  • Focus on skills and behaviour your child will need, rather than specific jobs
  • Talk about goals and what your child finds fulfilling
  • Be open minded and encouraging
  • Talk about what careers experiences your child has had during their school career (lessons, visits, tutor time, citizenship and assemblies)
  • Be patient as your child’s choices may change
  • Remember it’s your child’s decision on what direction they want to go

We realise it can be challenging to know how to ask the right questions, you may want to start with their interests, skills, abilities, values, and knowledge of the world of work.

Useful Links for Parents

The National Careers Service is also a good, reliable source of impartial advice and guidance:

National Careers Service

Parent Adviser offers advice and guidance to help you to support your child with choosing a course, university, apprenticeship, gap year and finances:

Parent Adviser

Career Pilot Parent Zone offers lots of information about choices at 14, 16 and 18, along with FE, HE, Apprenticeships, Funding and Support:

Career Pilot Parent Zone

UCAS offers undergraduate advice for parents/carers:


Target Careers offers a wealth of information and resources:

Target Careers

My World of Work help to explore over 600 job profiles:

My World of Work Parental Guidance from the Careers Writers Association gives advice and information needed to support young people during their transition to adult working life:

Parental GuidanceAmazing Apprenticeships Parents Resources:

Parents Resources

The National Apprenticeship Service offers a Parents Guide to Apprenticeships:

Parents Guide to Apprenticeships

iCould provide a range of good articles in one place that examines the range of choices available to young people at 16 and 18, these are specifically targeted at parents and carers:


The Parent Perspective is a podcast series for parents and carers to help support children with careers advice and guidance, and to help parents and carers feel informed and confident in providing careers support:

The Parent Perspective Careers Podcast 

Youth Employment UK careers advice for young people:

Youth Employment UK Careers AdviceHome Education UK from Youth Employment UK: free online home education courses to help young people explore skills and careers. They place a non-curriculumn focus on creativity and positivity when it comes to exploring personal strengths and next steps. Designed for young people in home education who are learning in a unique way that is right for them:

Home Education UK