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Pupils attending NBS at our Kenton site are encouraged to travel independently to school whenever this is appropriate. We encourage pupils to walk to school if they live within walking distance, and we provide bicycle racks for students who wishto cycle to school.

We have our own designated entrance gate which is on Drayton Road (just off Kenton Lane). Bus stops are close by, and Fawdon and Kingston Park metro stations are approximately a 25 minute walk to school. For Parents/Carers driving their pupils to and from school, pupils can be dropped off at our NBS entrance, which is accessed from the main Kenton School entrance on Kenton Lane, or they can be dropped off on Drayton Road.

Parents of students who have SEND or a medical need can make a request for transport support. It is the responsibility of parents to contact SEND transport to make this request, which can be done on the Newcastle City Council website:Newcastle City Council

NBS employ their own bus drivers and school transport can be provided for students attending placements at our Kenton AP provision under the following criteria:

  • For students wishing to access NBS transport on school funded placements, home schools fund transport costs (this is discretionary)
  • For students accessing the Kenton provision via the local inclusion panel, the LA will fund transport for students where this is deemed appropriate

Students using NBS school bus transport use designated pick-up points around their locality, but our most vulnerable students can be escorted to and from their home.