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School Uniform

At our Kenton site students are expected to wear uniform at all times in school or when representing the school elsewhere. Uniform consists of:

  • White school or plain polo shirt
  • Black School sweatshirt (purchased via school reception)
  • Black trousers
  • Black shoes

We do have a supply of pre-owned school sweatshirts that can provided. Contact school reception or our family support worker Katy Laughton if you require help with school uniform.

In cases of extreme weather, the Head teacher will make a decision on uniform expectations and will share this with parents via school letter and text message.

Hair dyed in unnatural colours and extreme ear piercings are not permitted in school.

Students may wear a discreet nose stud but no other facial piercings.

Students will be asked to remove any jewellery deemed unsuitable/unsafe by the school.

Tattoos are not allowed in school. If students admitted have tattoos they must, where possible be appropriately covered at all times.

Parents are strongly advised that personal electronic equipment, mobile phones, jewellery, expensive watches and clothing and any other valuable items should be kept at home as the school cannot accept responsibility for their loss.

PE Kit

Students are expected to wear the following clothing for PE lessons.

  • Suitable T shirt
  • Sweatshirt/jumper
  • Tracksuit bottoms or shorts
  • Appropriate sports trainers

On the day when they have PE, students can wear these clothes all day.

If students are excused from PE (which must be explained in a note from parents) they must wear full school uniform.

If a pupil is taking part in a sporting activity on any day other than PE Day e.g. Sports Leaders, Enrichment, Rugbyworks etc. they must still attend school in full school uniform but can wear black joggers or tracksuit bottoms on that day and bring in a sports top to change into if they wish.

Pupils attending Forest School are allowed to wear suitable outdoor clothes.

Pupils attending all other NBS hospital sites are not expected to wear a school uniform, but are expected to be dressed appropriately during school sessions.