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The Great North Children's Hospital Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Newcastle Bridges School aims to maintain the continuity of education for those pupils unable to attend their home school due to illness by providing education in hospital. Pupils are taught from reception to Year 11, unless they have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), where education can be provided for a wider age range. We provide a high quality education whilst overcoming barriers to learning posed by a variety of medical conditions. This is achieved this through careful assessment and the planning and delivery of personalised lessons enabling access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Early contact is made with home schools. Where possible staff work closely with home schools to ensure that pupils are able follow their schemes of work and planning.  

Vocational Opportunities

Vocational opportunities for pupils at remain the responsibility of home schools.  

Curriculum Enrichment

Wider curriculum opportunities include weekly visits from both an Art and a Music teacher and food technology sessions.  Enrichment activities delivered by outside providers include fortnightly visits from a curator from the Great North Museum, Read For Good visits from a story teller and book trolley and art therapy sessions. Pupils have also recently participated in initiatives such as producing art work around an ‘NHS Superhero’ theme to be displayed in the Freeman Hospital and working with a From August – November 2019, Tyne and Wear will welcome a spectacular art trail which will be tons of fun! Elmer’s Great North Parade will feature over fifty individually designed Elmer the Patchwork Elephant sculptures. The art trail will be our second, following the wonderfully colourful and joyous world of Great North Snowdogs in 2016. Local artist to come up with ideas for designs to be used to paint the GNCH’s Elmer the Patchwork Elephant.

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