• Build upon concepts and skills developed in the study of Key Stage 3 Humanities
  • Develop and extend knowledge of key events and periods in local, British and wider world history
  • Make links and comparisons and so gain a better understanding of current events and the world we live in today
  • To study sources critically; to understand that one event can be interpreted in different ways and to be aware of concepts such as bias and objectivity
  • To engage in historical enquiry and to develop as independent learners and as critical and reflective learners
  • Organize and communicate historical information and develop writing skills

Courses currently offered

At Key Stage 4 students work towards an Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History qualification. This includes both thematic and depth studies covering 1000 years of British history, in addition to modern non-British topics.

Where GCSE is not appropriate, or there is insufficient time to cover the required course content, students can achieve individual AQA Unit Awards covering a variety of topics linked to students own interests.