Newcastle Bridges School was founded upon the idea that every pupil should have the same opportunity as any other pupil, whatever their background. We are a multi-site; specialist educational needs provider and we are responsible for the complex challenge of teaching young people who need extra help. Art has proven to be an effective tool for addressing these challenges.

Art is important to our pupils for several reasons. The primary reason being that due to the challenges the pupil have faced before coming to us, Art has proven to be one of the most inclusive subjects for the pupils to access no matter where or what came before.

Year after year, pupils who go through the Art program at NBS experience benefits that go beyond exploring ideas and making images. The advantages are improved concentration, visual problem-solving skills, increased attention span, greater hand/eye coordination, greater qualification possibilities, and the sense of ownership that rewards all creativity. Simply put, consistent creativity helps to improve behaviour for pupils who have difficulty in academic subjects.

The Art department at NBS Kenton offers art to all our pupils, not only as a path for successful qualifications, but also to help manage their way through a difficult day. Pupils following Key Stage 4 Curriculum have the choice of taking Art to qualification level.

Pupils can obtain a GCSE qualification through AQA after completing a range of foundation projects at KS3. Pupils can work through a wide range of topical work for a series of sustained projects, culminating in sitting an exam at the end of the year.

Pupils unable to work at GCSE qualification level will have the same resources, time, and support at their disposal to achieve an alternative qualification such as Arts Award if they choose to do so.

Our aim is to provide the building blocks necessary for artistic success, and use creative practice for future generations of learners.

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