Our aim is to help all students develop a positive attitude towards Mathematics whilst maintaining progress, celebrating their achievements, building confidence and raising standards. We hope to achieve this by:

  • Providing a supportive, secure and motivating learning environment where the complex needs of our pupils’ are identified and addressed.
  • Recognising the needs of our students and individualising expectations accordingly.
  • Promoting a culture of learning with resilience at its core, where mistakes are embraced, valued and recognised as an important part of the learning process.
  • Encouraging students to reach their full potential.
  • Encouraging students to extend their knowledge of mathematical language.
  • Encouraging logical thinking.
  • Working with others to carry out investigations and surveys.
  • Using a range of appropriate mathematical programs on the computer.
  • Exploring mathematical concepts through other subjects.
  • Recording and displaying work.
  • Promote independent learning.
  • Encourage students to become reflective in their work.
  • Inspire positive thinkers through growth mind-set.
  • Deliver creative lessons to engage all learner groups and individualise learning experiences.
  • Present Maths in real life contexts.
  • Promote SMSC through delivery of Maths.
  • Ensure all students have the opportunities to gain recognised Maths qualifications from Year 9 onwards.
  • Understanding students have different learning preferences and applying our teaching styles to consider these.
  • Developing the ability to communicate using Mathematics, with particular emphasis on the use of correct mathematical language, graphical representations, diagrams etc.

Courses currently offered:

When students arrive at Newcastle Bridges School their academic ability in Maths is assessed. The data collected from this assessment, combined with information received from previous schools, helps identify the suitable qualification pathway for each individual student. Pupil achievement and progression is paramount to our vision; therefore, we believe it fundamental to identify and offer the most appropriate learning pathway bespoke to each of our pupils’ needs. Thus, ensuring all pupils’ have the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification.

The Mathematics’ qualifications delivered are outlined below.

GCSE Maths

At Newcastle Bridges School we currently offer the OCR 9-1 GCSE course. This is a two year programme of study based on a two-tier assessment system. Grades 1-5 can be achieved on the Foundation Level paper and Grades 4-9 on the Higher Level paper. Students will be entered into the relevant tier based on their academic ability, progress and potential within the subject.

Edexcel Functional Skills Maths

At Newcastle Bridges School we provide our students with the opportunity to sit Functional Skills Maths exams which provide our students with another opportunity to achieve Maths qualifications.

Functional Skills Mathematics aims to provide people with the skills they need to operate confidently, effectively and independently in learning, life and the world of work. Students that are able to apply their skills functionally will improve their employment prospects, and support their progression to further study.

AQA Entry Level Maths

Entry Level Certificates (ELCs) are a nationally recognised qualification that give students the opportunity to achieve a certificated award. At Newcastle Bridges School we always look to challenge our students, however, we also recognised that GCSE Mathematics is too demanding for some students. ELC Mathematics is designed as a qualification that offers students who are unlikely to achieve a grade in GCSE Mathematics the opportunity to achieve a certificated award.

Edexcel Level 1 Award in Number and Measure

The Edexcel Level 1 Award in Number and Measure is a stand-alone qualification designed to help students develop proficiency in this area of Maths. Approximately half the size of a GCSE, the Award develops foundational skills that support the progression to the GCSE course. It is a useful qualification for students in preparation for the GCSE course and for those wishing to bridge the gap between Entry Level and GCSE.