Using Maths Calculations to Make Sausage Rolls

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14th Mar 2023

Aldi verses Tesco

We made a hypothesis, which was - Aldi products are cheaper than Tesco.

Step 1: we planned what we wanted to cook. We decided that we wanted to make festive sausage rolls for end of term.

Step 2: We had to make a list of items we needed and the quantity and cost of each item per person.

Step 3: We compared the prices of Aldi and Tesco with our lists.

Our hypothesis was correct. Aldi was cheaper than Tesco. However, Tesco does match Aldi price on some products. A sample of this is in the picture below.

Step 4:  Buy ingredients

We decided to buy from Tesco as we had to do an online shop.

Step 5:  Cook sausage rolls

Step 6: Eat sausage rolls.  They were delicious!!!