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14th Mar 2023

Class 5 have enjoyed playing Nerdle within some of their Maths lessons!

"People craving a numerical version of the runaway hit game Wordle are delighting in the latest brainteaser, Nerdle. British data scientist, Richard Mann, from London, launched the numbers version of the viral puzzle game after his 14-year-old daughter said she wished there was a Wordle equivalent for 'Maths nerds'"

Each guess is a calculation. The rules are simple:

  • You need to guess the Math equation correctly in six tries
  • In each line, enter your own correct equation to find out the numbers and arithmetic signs contained in the equation
  • If the number or sign is present in the equation but misplaced, it will be highlighted in yellow; if it is in the correct position, it will be highlighted in green
  • If there are no numbers or signs in the equation, the colour will be grey

Can you guess the objective equation in six tries? Conquer and enjoy the moments with your friends in this intellectual and challenging game. Persevere in reasoning and victory will be won for you! Play Nerdle here.