Kirkley Hall Visit

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10th Mar 2023

During our visit to Kirkley Hall this week students had the opportunity to go to the Discovery Room. The Discovery Room is the home to numerous different species of reptiles, amphibians and insects. We were really lucky this week to get to learn about and hold the Sheltopusnik (also known as a European Glass Lizard). The Sheltopusnik is often mistaken for a snake but it is actually a legless lizard! We learned all the different features that distinguish the legless lizard from a snake, and then we were able to get out Holly the Royal Python to see the comparisons visually. After we did this we got to go to the Walk of Life and got to bring the Armadillos out of their enclosure. We gave the armadillos a treat of meal worms and they ran around enjoying the space! They were so quick we couldn’t get a good photo of them!