Free School Meals for All Newcastle Bridges School Pupils

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16th Feb 2023

Prosper Learning Trust (PLT) are looking at ways to support our pupils and their families during this period of financial hardship for many.  We are all too aware of the rising cost of utilities and other essentials and the very high rate of inflation generally. We understand our role in the community and are keen to exercise our civic responsibility in a positive way.

Accordingly, the Trustees of PLT would like to give all of our pupils the opportunity to receive a free school meal from us during the school week.  This initiative will be in place for a trial period from Monday 30th January until Friday 30th June 2023.  This means that for those pupils who do not currently receive free school meals they can receive a lunch, paid for by the Trust, up to the value of a free school meal each day they are in school.

We would still encourage all families who may be entitled to free school meals for their children to continue to claim these during this period, because as well as being a benefit to the pupils it also ensures that our schools receive the additional income from the Government to help provide support and resources.  If you believe you may be entitled and do not yet receive free school meals, please contact your child’s school for further information and support or you can apply using the following link:

Apply for free school meals | Newcastle City Council

Participation in this trial will not mean you are entitled to the governments Free School Meals scheme during holiday periods – this will only apply to those who are currently eligible for free school meals.

Please note that any dinner monies that have been paid in advance will be carried over to the end of this trial period. If your child already takes a paid meal we will automatically assume you wish to take up this offer, however if your child currently brings a packed lunch or has another arrangement and would like to take up this offer of a paid meal, please complete the form in the letter sent via email to parents and carers. Please including any dietary requirements so we can update your child’s records.

We hope this initiative will be helpful to you and your families. 

Yours faithfully

Chris Richardson

Chief Executive Officer of Prosper Learning Trust