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Newcastle Bridges School provides education to children who are hospitalised or whose education has been interrupted by mental or physical ill-health and school phobia. The school is made up of a diverse range of provisions, some of which are within NHS settings, and we provide education to pupils in the age rage 4 to 19 years. We seek to support each pupil’s access to full-time, broad and balanced education, appropriate to their potential and educational needs. We also work towards reintegration into mainstream whenever this is the best next step for our pupils. Our curriculum includes both formal lessons as well as all of the informal learning, enrichment and personal development that occurs beyond the timetable.

We have designed our curriculum with pupils at the centre. It has been designed to cater for a range of pupils, providing equal opportunities for all. We believe that a curriculum has to be broad, balanced and ambitious. Offering pupils opportunities to grow as individuals, as well as gain necessary knowledge and skills to fulfil the highest of their, and our, expectations, equipping them for all aspects of their future lives. Alongside core academic subjects through both key stages 3 and 4, a range of creative subjects and opportunities are offered which allow pupils to express their creativity and develop their confidence. The curriculum also encompasses an intended flexibility to address any gaps in pupils’ prior individual learning.

Through a combination of teaching and learning techniques, we aim to ensure pupils enjoy learning and feel prepared for life after school. We also offer our pupils new, exciting and engaging experiences through our character education activities, these are designed to build resilience, confidence and self-esteem.

Our academy recognises that pupils should be challenged in their schooling; learning from failures and celebrating successes. We intend our curriculum to be empowering, enabling pupils to develop their interpersonal skills, creativity and independence.

Our curriculum is a plan for progression based on what pupils need to acquire: what they know, what they can do, what experiences they have to support success and transition back to their home school, or progress to the next stage of education, training or life beyond school. We work closely with pupils’ home schools to ensure that return transition is successfully accomplished.