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Behaviour, Attendance & Welfare

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The safety of our pupils at Newcastle Bridges School is of paramount importance to everything we do at school. Accordingly, we will reinforce the attitudes, courtesies and disciplined behaviour that pupils require. We will also reinforce the need to value each other’s differences and the diversity of the school and related communities. We acknowledge the need to respect each other and that good behaviour is a part of this. We aim to ensure that positive behaviour is rewarded and that inappropriate behaviour is dealt with firmly and fairly.

The Code of Conduct encourages and reinforces courteous and civilised behaviour – every opportunity is taken to support self-discipline, whereby pupils are personally involved and accept responsibility for their own actions and behaviour. Parents, carers and visitors are also expected to uphold the high standards of behaviour when they are in and around school and speaking to school staff.

Attendance and Punctuality

At Newcastle Bridges School, we recognise the importance of our pupils attending school on a daily basis, not only in raising their attainment but also on their sense of wellbeing and community. We are very mindful, that due to the complex needs of our pupils, there are many factors which may affect a pupil’s attendance. Due to this, we have developed an ethos which considers each pupil’s and families individual circumstances, ensuring that we provide the strategies and support which encourage a positive attitude of regular and punctual attendance. We aim to ensure that all pupils attend school regularly and on time to enable them to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available.

Attendance and Punctuality at Newcastle Bridges School


At Newcastle Bridges School we have a Family Support Worker, Mrs Laughton, who works with our young people and their families to provide support.

Support for families includes:

  • Providing support as part of the admissions process
  • Providing information and signposting to other services where families may require additional support
  • Attending meetings with external agencies to support the young person and their family

Advice and support is confidential, although concerns relating to the safeguarding of children will always be dealt with in accordance with the Trust's Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.

How to get in touch:

Mrs Laughton can be contacted via the school office via phone or email:

0191 605 3559