Complex Neuro-Developmental Disorder Service at Walkergate Park

The Complex Neurodevelopmental Disorder Service (CNDS) is a specialist tertiary service working in collaboration with local multi-agency services to provide second opinions about children and young people who may have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other complex mental health neurodevelopmental problems, regionally and nationally. CNDS provides outpatient, day patient and outreach services.  

Early Years Intensive Group 

The Early Years Intensive Group (EYIG), part of CNDS, is an assessment and therapeutic small group setting for young children, aged 3-7 years, and their families. Our aim is to work closely with the families, local professionals and schools/nurseries to understand the needs of the child and family. All children attend on a part-time basis for a period of assessment and intervention. Staff observe the child at home and in their educational setting, maintaining close links with education staff. 

Within the classroom setting each pupil will have an individual assessment and therapeutic educational plan targeting their individual needs. The day consists of structured and less structured activities with opportunities to build upon: social interactions, communication, imaginative play skills. The daily programme covers areas of the National Curriculum. Close links are maintained with the pupil’s school. We work very closely with multidisciplinary teams, home schools and specialist services to meet individual needs.  

Referrals are accepted through a single point of access from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Child Health and Paediatric Teams or from members of multi-agency ASD care pathways. Referrals are accepted from across the North East with referrals from outside the region considered on a case by case basis. 


  • Linda Dixon, Specialist teacher  Tel: 0191 287 5260 
  • Kevin Stafford, Head of School 
  • Helen McGowan, Assistant Head Teacher

Tel: 0191 2755111  Email: 

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