Alnwood Education Department

Alnwood is one of six national Adolescent Forensic Mental Health Clinics.

It provides medium secure inpatient assessment and treatment for young people aged 12– 18yrs with complex mental health needs, including those with a learning disability.

Staff of Newcastle Bridges School provide education for young people as part of the structured day programme, in partnership with the multi disciplinary team.

Our main goal is to offer as wide a curriculum as possible including vocational subjects delivered in an individualised way and accredited according to national standards.

This is done by creating bespoke and individualised learning packages for our young people that challenge and develop them as well as allowing them to learn at their own pace and achieve accreditation for their efforts.

It is our intention that all young people leaving Alnwood will do so with certification in a wide range of subjects, a development of life skills, social skills and self, and that there is an overall upward curve in progress and achievement for all our young people.

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